About Bitsrain


Founded in Malaga in 2007 by a group of senior developers with many years of commercial experience, passionate about software and technology, to lead the software development market through Agile methodologies.

Way of working

Nowadays, the company has the professionals, methodologies, tools and infrastructure, to work in worldwide projects:

  • Product Development: Our company strongly recommends the usage of agile methodologies for the development process. Our current approaches are Scrum or Kanban depending on the product’s need.
  • Test Driven Development: We adopted test driven development to ensure that customer’s changes, during agile development, are under control.
  • Continuous integration and demos: We want the customer’s satisfaction. Planned demos ensure that the project does not divert from the customer’s idea.
  • Documentation: We deliver user stories (PDF), documented code (Doxygen), architecture and design (UML).
  • Tools: Videoconference, multi-conference calls, remote collaboration through sharing tools, project tracking (Confluence, JIRA and Stash)


We have wide experience in the following sectors:

  • Sanitary
  • Automotive
  • Military
  • Security
  • Home / Industry automation


Please, feel free to contact via email or phone, we will be pleased to help you.

Why Choose Us

  • 1

    Agile software development process that fits in your roadmap

  • 2

    Rapid prototyping and test driven development to meet your expectations

  • 3

    We are creative to give you the best ideas without losing the focus of your needs

  • 4

    Wide experience in outsourcing of software development projects

  • 5

    Are you ready for success? Our team, our processes, our tools … your guarantee